Keep cool, Razer has you (phone) back

Egyptmaritime – The release of a new iPhone brings with it the need for a plethora of new accessories. The most important of these accessories is probably the case of your new device. Not only should your new investment be protected from the occasional move of your hand to the floor, it should also feel nice to hold on, not to mention. Fortunately, driversrazer is here to help you take full advantage of Apple Arade while making your phone work best. Now available for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhoneXr, Xs, Xs Max, as well as the Razer Phone 2, the Razer Arctech smartphone case with a Thermaphene layer that helps keep your phone cool while you improve battery life and improve your phone’s overall performance.

Layered for protection

The case contains a Thermaphene layer that absorbs and transfers heat from the phone, while dampening your device and preventing dirt and dust from entering the case. It also enables wireless charging. The Artech Slim version has a thinner profile, while the more robust Arctech Pro drops-certifies for heavy-duty service protection up to 10 feet.

I tested the 6.5 “Arctech Slim on an iPhone 11 Pro Max for a week, as well as an Xs Max. Functional tests included watching Twitch for a few hours at a time and getting the latest play games available for Apple Arcade, in addition to more processor-intensive games like Fortnite and PUBG.

Stylin ‘& Profilin’

In the first place, the case had to pass the hold test. The case not only feels good to the touch, it feels incredibly durable despite the slim profile. It seems that the days of the voluminous, functional matter have almost (finally) disappeared. Initially, I was surprised that the Slim did not completely cover the bottom of the phone. When I watched the Thursday Night Football game on my phone, I was delighted with the design decision to keep the phone speakers loud and clear, rather than being muffled by a case cover. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the Arctech Pro cover covers the entire bottom of the phone (in addition to the volume and lock buttons). However, there are ventilated holes that prevent the speakers from being completely covered.

What’s cooler than cool?

During the NFL Twitch stream, I checked the heat of the phone (both connected and from a power source), but an increase in temperature never occurred. The same can be said while playing any of the Apple Arcade games. The more intense games got a little hotter, but not enough to worry about, and it was definitely less hot than any of my previous affairs. The Thermaphene Performance layer and ventilated case design are undoubtedly attributed to this, making the game feel like I’m playing with a holdless iPhone with a grip. The colors I used during my test week were black and quartz (pink). By the end of the week, the pink suitcase showed quite noticeable stain marks on the corner edges. I have a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser taken to the points, which resulted in varying degrees of success. Finally, if you plan to go with the quartz or mercury (white) color bag, you should do so with the mindset that you will probably need to continue to maintain the case a little more consistently than with the black case.